Our focus on excellence in teaching, learning and research produces graduates with the skills and knowledge to make a difference in society.

Dr. R.D. Manungo

PhD, MA (Peace & Governance), BA Hons (History), BA Gen History

 Brief Overview:

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts, where we are committed to quality Christian education.  The Faculty has been in existence for a number of years, from the time of Solusi University’s affiliation with Andrews University (USA), through the period the University got chartered in 1994.  The Faculty is host to two Departments, the Department of History, Peace and Conflict Studies and the Department of Languages and Communication.  The Department of History, Peace and Conflict Studies offers Bachelor Degrees, and also provides specialised Minor programmes in Peace and Conflict Studies, History, Development, International Relations and Disaster and Risk Management.  On the other hand, the Department of Languages and Communication offers a degree in English and Communication and an Honours programme in Linguistics and Literature.  We became the first University to offer the undergraduate programme in Peace and Conflict Studies in 2006, and a number of other private and state institutions have followed suit.  The duration of our programmes is 3-4 years, including internship/attachment.  Currently, all programmes under the Faculty of Arts are offered at the main campus, 50kms west of Bulawayo central business district, while the Peace and Conflict Studies programme will commence at the university’s Trimester Centres in May 2017.

Our current and former innovative and enterprising students have been doing exceptionally well in the market, either as workers or in furthering their studies.

The Faculty of Arts has been growing in leaps and bounds, and is manned by competent, hardworking, committed and well qualified full-time and part-time staff. Part of our strategic plan is to upgrade our programmes to Honours and Masters status, as well as introduce other degree programmes in areas such as Gender Studies, Law, Development, Disaster and Risk Management, International Relations, Media Studies, Public Relations and Journalism.

The faculty of Arts is committed to quality Christian education as per the Seventh-day Adventist tradition. The aim is to develop human potential thus bringing it into harmony with the Creator. The Faculty of Arts offers programmes that prepare students to become responsible members of the society.

Languages & Communication

* BA - English & Communication
* BA (Honours) – Linguistics
* BA (Honours) – Literature
* Minor - English



* BA - History
* Minor - History


Peace & Conflict Studies

* BA - Peace & Conflict Studies
* Minor - Development Studies
* Minor - Disaster & Risk Management
* Minor - International Relations
* Minor - Peace & Conflict Studies

  1. 2 A’ Level passes (or approved equivalent as determined by Solusi University, and
  2. 5 O’ Level passes, one of which must be English Language.
  3. International students may be admitted upon fulfillment of their countries’ university entrance requirements, and Solusi University PreUniversity requirements (For countries where A’ Level Courses are not available).
  4. A limited number of individuals may be accepted based on Mature Age examination, and/or professional qualification and related work experience.

A period of three (3) years is the minimum requirement for all degree programmes offered in the Faculty of Arts. In order to graduate with a Languages and Communication, History, or Peace and Conflict Studies degree, students are expected to successfully complete a total of between 106 to 120 credits.

In order to expose students to the world of work and to assist them in development of careers, all students are expected to register for industrial attachment for a period of not less than 10 months. Other career development events are organized by the University from time to time including a job placement fair for graduating students.