Faculty of Science & Technology


Asst. Prof. Ramilison 

PhD (Physics), MSc (Physics & Chemistry), BSc (Physics & Chemistry)

Brief Overview:

The Faculty of Science & Technology is underpinned by the coherence of the principles of science and logic. Down through the centuries, sciences have revolutionalized the way of life from the primitive hunters and gatherers to the highly industrialized and technological societies of today. These technological advances have been made possible by conscientious study of sciences.

Modern science seeks to equip humanity with better tools that will improve the quality of life, and equip people with the principles of technological innovations. If new and old inventions are used without some basic understanding of the principles on which they function, the experience can be frustrating and may be even catastrophic.
Our research ethos promotes integrity, perseverance and free exchange of ideas, producing graduates with inquisitive minds, able to compete with graduates from other institutions of higher learning, yet also responsible and mindful of the environment and the resources thereof.

Mission Statement

The faculty of Science and Technology is committed to developing habits of industry and honesty, to add value to raw products using scientific knowledge, to accumulate data that enhances development thus bringing solutions to scientific problems. We advocate sustainable development in the use of our natural resources, conscious that they must benefit the current and future generations.

Programmes offered


* BSc Agribusiness
* Minor - Agriculture


Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry

* BSc Mathematics
* BSc (Honours) Mathematics
* Minor - Chemistry
* Minor - Mathematics
* Minor - Physics


Clothing & Family Studies

* BSc Clothing & Textiles
* Minor - Child & Family Studies
* Minor - Clothing & Textiles


Environmental & Biological Sciences

* BSc Environmental Health
* BSc Environmental Science
* Minor - Biology
* Minor - Environmental Health
* Minor - Environmental Science

Food & Nutrition

* BSc Food & Nutrition
* BSc (Hons) in Food & Nutrition
* BSc Food & Nutrition with Education
* BSc (Hons) in Nutrition & Dietetics
* Special Honours in Food & Nutrition
* Minor - Food & Nutrition


Graduate Studies

* MSc - Food & Nutrition
* MSc - Clothing & Textiles

Admission Requirements

  1. 2 A’ Level passes in any natural science subjects (or approved equivalent as determined by Solusi University, and
  2. 5 O’ Level passes, including English, Mathematics, and a Science subject
  3. International students may be admitted upon fulfillment of their countries’ university entrance requirements, and Solusi University PreUniversity requirements (For countries where A’ Level Courses are not available).
  4. A limited number of individuals may be accepted based on Mature Age examination, and/or professional qualification and related work experience.

Duration of Programmes

A period of four years is the minimum requirement for all undergraduate degree programmes offered in the Faculty of Science & Technology. The minimum duration for the Master of Science programmes is two (2) years. In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree, students are expected to successfully complete a total of between 106 to 120 credits for Bachelors, and 60 credits for Masters.

Career development

In order to expose students to the world of work and to assist them in development of careers, all students are expected to register for industrial attachment for a period of not less than 10 months. Other career development events are organized by the University from time to time including a job placement fair for graduating students.