For the past 72hrs Solusi University and its surrounding areas has received good amounts of rains following the fervent prayers offered by the Solusi saints at Mananda Dam this past Sabbath.

Coincidentally the Acting President Mr. Mpekezela Mpoko had also declared Sabbath of 09/01/2016 and Sunday of 10/01/2016 as national prayer days and had called the nation of Zimbabwe to meet in prayers of which Solusi is part.

Speakers at Mananda dam during the Sabbath prayer session took turns to testify on how God has been faithful to the Solusi community in the past. Among the people who shared their testimony was the Solusi University vice chancellors Prof. Joel Musvosvi who spoke passionately about the 1966 experience where Solusi was almost closed because of water shortage.

“The dams were so dry that some school boys who were not Adventist went out to gather the cat fish and started roasting them behind the hostels. The school was gathered and we went out to pray. The miracle that we had was that it only rained at Solusi and no other place.”

“When the church was planted in this country, the Lord chose that we be planted here. There are some areas with a lot of rain. They have rivers that never go dry. Just like Canaan, we cannot depend on natural cycles, but depend on what God provides. As God’s children we have to be coming to him again and again.”

Mr. Mhaka also echoed the same sentiments and expressed how the Lord had come through for Solusi at a time when there was a shortage of water and salt.

“When we had a shortage of salt, you sent angels and they brought us salt at the store. When we had no water, you gave us a lot of rain enough to fill our dams.

As a community of believers, Solusi strongly believe that God has answers prayers. The only way people can connect themselves to the Lord is through prayers and prayers alone.

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