Solusi University a Seventh–day Adventist Institute pushed by its mission “To Serve”, which is the core business of the University, through the Faculty of Education, held a one day Management seminar to Heads of schools in Bulilima and Mangwe Districts. Ninety (92) heads of schools from both primary and secondary and one Education Inspector eagerly gathered at Plumtree High School on the 7th of November 2015 to hear and learn about ‘Our Journey Towards World Class Transformational Management Strategies In Schools’ which was the thrust of the day.

The seminar which was organised by Solusi University Faculty of Education covered topics such as: (i) Transformational Management Strategies by Dr. Peter Tsvara; (ii) School Financial Management by Dr. Bongani Ngwenya, and Fundraising strategies by Mr. Homebound Mashoko.

Following the gap that has been realised between Solusi University and its surrounding community, the Faculty of Education felt it was high time they took a stance and bridge the missing link between the University and the community. The first step was realized by getting the community mentors who are the Heads of Schools to realise the support they can get from Solusi University as it is one of the biggest and oldest Universities in Matebeleland South.

Representing Solusi University was a team of faculty and staff members namely; Mrs. Christinah Dlamini (Dean, Faculty of Education), Mr. John Masundulwani (Director, Postgraduate Studies), Dr. Nkosiyabo Zvandasara (Dean, Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies) and Mrs. Phanankosi Mahlangu (Secretary, Faculty of Arts & Faculty of Education). Among the dignitaries present was the (Bulilima & Mangwe Districts) Education Inspector Mrs. Ncube.

The seminar proved to be very fruitful as some of the delegates actually spelled out their sentiments crying out to the Solusi facilitators as to why they had not come earlier. They felt that the information that was given to them was long overdue and is still relevant today. Mrs. Christinah Dlamini (Dean, Faculty of Education) assured the Heads that they will get more of these seminars.

“More seminars are coming, as an institution we believe we can do more for the community and this is what exactly we are doing. Our next seminar will be channeled towards serving Tsholotsho District which is still part of our immediate community.

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