The Solusi Vice chancellor Prof. Joel Musvosvi and his team of administrators made a surprise breakfast for the staff members at Solusi University on the 12th of April 2017 at the University cafeteria.
“There is nothing unusual that we are going to discuss today, we are just here to have a fellowship meal together as family.” Said Prof. Joel Musvosvi.
In the same meeting, the vice-chancellor also took time to thank the workers for their resilience and hard work through the harsh economic conditions.
“I wish to take this time to thank each one of you for the hard work that you have shown since the beginning of this year. I know things have been tough but you soldiered on.”
“You could have left for greener pastures but you still stayed despite the bad situation we face as a nation.”
The members of staff expressed gratitude and thanked the leadership of Solusi for the good gesture that they had received.
“I would like to thank our leadership for this wonderful thing they did for us today. Who could have thought that we would have eaten with the university leaders at such difficult time,” said one of the university workers.
Solusi University leadership is doing its best to maintain a high level of retention as it strives to motivate its workers by all means possible despite the ailing economic condition that has affected Zimbabwe as a whole.

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