Once again Solusi University’s shining beacon stood aloof in Hall 3 during this year’s 58th trade exhibition, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2017. True to the adage by Ralf Waldo Emerson, “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”, the institution’s stand attracted a great number of prospective students, parents, members of the alumni, the Deputy Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education Dr Godfrey Gandawa, the Permanent Secretary for Higher and Tertiary Education Ambassador Mapuranga, the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League’s chief Executive Officer Mr Kennedy Ndebele, and Sister Catherine, the headmistress of Dominican Convent.

This year’s main attractions to the Solusi exhibition stand were the daily operated free medical clinic by Dr. Merlyn Idaosos (Nutrition Department), the recently introduced ECD certificate and diploma, as well as the decor (many admirants could only visit to have their photographs shot at the stand).
Dr. Godfrey Gandawa applauded the efforts being made by Solusi University to alleviate the financial challenges that are faced by private insitutions of which Solusi Universiy is one of them.
“For an institution that relies mostly on remitted fees for its capacitation, the efforts from your Clothing Department is showing some industrial innovation, and also these agricultural researches that are hanging on your walls,” said Dr. Gandawa.

The university originates and manufactures graduation gowns among many other garments and that settled very well on the thematic idea of value addition and beneficiation on the economic blue print as promoted by the ministry. Dr. Busani Moyo’s (HOD, Agribusiness) research on Salmonella Pandemic attracted a lot of local and regional ranch farmers to the Solusi stand. The research findings and recommendations brought some untold relief especially to the cattle farmers in Umguza, Ntabazinduna as well as Matabeleland South.

Speaking with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s Yolanda Gumbo, Solusi’s Public Relations Manager, Mr. Collen Mahlangu utilised the opportunity to unveil a number of new developments at Solusi which were also aired on ZTV.
“We have recently introduced a number of programs at Solusi which include the ECE Certificate and Diploma. We also have a Post Basic Nursing programe coming up very soon,” said Mr. Mahlangu.

Once again, student volunteers manned the Solusi University’s stand guided by the institutional marketing policies and educational philosophy. Their prompt and attentive responses received an acknowledgement from the Permanent Secretary for Higher and Tertiary Education Ambassador Machiveyi Mapuranga. Michael Musagwiza from the Theology Department, Ceedy Dlamini, (English and Communication Department) and Dr. Merlyn Idaosos (Nutrition Department) were the representatives.

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