The Public Relations Office and the Registry department last week had an opportunity to visit Solusi Adventist High School and Usher High School for Careers day on Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 1 June 2017, respectively. This was a massive opportunity for Solusi University to market its products and let the schools in Bulilima know about its existence.

Exhibitions like Careers day have always been an eye opener as stakeholders and prospective students get an opportunity to express themselves and their feelings about the university and what needs to be done to improve it.
One of the students from Usher High School, a Miss Tariro Shumba, showed so much interest in Solusi University promising to come next year 2018 for her accounting degree.

“I am coming to Solusi University. My friends wanted us to go to other universities but I told them Solusi is my first choice. My sister Talent Shumba graduated with a BBA in Accounting last year and she is already working at Barclays.”
Solusi University does not only attract high school students, it also has high school teachers and even education officers desiring to study with Solusi. Also visiting the Solusi stand was Mr. Thabani Nyoni from Bulu Secondary School.

“I am happy to finally get information about Solusi University. I have always wanted to be part of Solusi but the distance between where I am and where Solusi is has always been a challenge. I am also shocked to know that you are charging as little as $456 for block release which is inclusive of tuition and accommodation, said Mr. Nyoni.”

Part of the Marketing strategy for Solusi University in 2017, is to visit all schools in Bulilima and Mangwe Districts so as to concientise the learners and teachers in these districts about the existence of Solusi and the programmes offered.
“We want the learners and teachers to know about our existence. They should also know that this is their university located close to their homes which is an advantage to them because “charity begins at home’”, said Dr. S. A. Awoniyi, (Quality Assurance Director, Solusi University).

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