Solusi University is undergoing a project of extending its cafeteria. Initially the project was meant to take place three years earlier, but because the operational funds could not sustain the project, it had to stop. Resumption of the construction took place on the 12th of July this year after the disbursement of funds from the General Conference’s 13th Sabbath offering.

Before the extension, the cafeteria had an estimated full capacity of 500 students. “We are extending the university’s cafeteria because of the congestion during the block release sessions”, said the Director of Financial Administration Dr. Silas Masuku. The cafeteria is now expected to accommodate twice the number of the students to address this challenge.

The project is funded by the General Conference 13th Sabbath offering, and a committee has been put in place to oversee the whole project. The cafeteria extension technical committee comprises expert individuals that are meant to oversee all the proceedings of the project.

Tenorm Construction has been awarded the tender to extend the cafeteria and the construction workers are optimistic about this project and presume that they will be done within the expected timeframe.

The general foreman of the construction company Mr. Jacob (Swenka) Sithole confirmed that the work was going as expected and they are not facing any challenges as far as material is concerned. “Everything is going accordingly and according to plan, there is enough material that will help finish our job without any complications. We have been working for three weeks now and we are expecting to finish soon.
The project is expected to be complete on the 20th of October, 2017.

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