The 24th of September 2017 marked a historic moment as Solusi University hosted the South Zimbabwe Conference Olympic games for the first time since it received its charter in 1995.
Several youths from across the country took part in youth games that were held at Solusi University. The organizing committee was led by Pastor Ngulube who is the South Zimbabwe Conference Youth Director.
Speaking on the objectives of the whole event, Pastor Ngulube stated that the purpose of these activities was to make an emphasis on unity among youths.
“We believe that as young people engage in sports, they can be united to achieve the same goal”. If the same spirit of unity can be transferred to evangelism, we would have a mighty army that would transform the lives of many”.
The Olympic Games featured youths drawn from a number of districts in the country which competed in ball games and athletics. Guests came from as far as Beitbridge, Plumtree, and Bulawayo among other places.

Some of the guests arrived on Friday as the university offered accommodation for those who wanted to camp for the whole weekend while others arrived on Sunday just in time for the opening ceremony.
The program started at ten o’clock in the morning and every game proceeded as expected. The track events took place at Solusi High School grounds while ball games were at the University during the latter part of the day.

Youths expressed how they were really impressed with the presence of the University’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Joel Musvosvi during the program stating that it is a very rare case that you find people from high ranks present in such occasions.
“I feel much honored to be here and most importantly l would like to acknowledge the presence of the Vice Chancellor. It feels good to know that we get support even from our elders,” said Tynie Shoko from Bulawayo.
Nonhlanhla Masuku one of youths expressed the need to have such games more often as they remove young people from destructive activities.
“Games like these should be done more often as they help young people desist from anti social and destructive behaviors and we are looking forward to the next games” said Nhlanhla Masuku director of SDA youths in Lobengula.

Solusi University was chosen as the host venue so as to expose students to the institution of Higher learning.
“We felt that this was a good opportunity to market Solusi University to our young people. This is their university that instills good ethics and Ubuntu. We do not want them to lose their values by being engaged in other institutions that will distort these values”, said Pastor Ngulube.
At the end of the games the winning participants were awarded with various accolades and Solusi University’s male soccer team won the final match and walked away with a floating trophy.

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