As an old adage goes, “a home with no visitors is a selfish home”, and that is not the situation with Solusi University. The month of May had so many visitors from around the globe and also new workforce joining the mission station, while others were bidding farewell to the mother of all African Adventist missions.

More than 22 missionaries from Southern Adventist University in America visited Solusi University to see the oldest mission station in Africa. This group was composed of 20 students and 2 patrons who happened to be a couple; Dr. Martin Carlos and wife.

The young soldiers for Christ who are also students in various faculties at Southern Adventist University were in Bulawayo for a two week evangelistic campaign, ministering in various departments as musicians, preachers, and medical missionaries.

The Public Relations Officer Pastor Collen Mahlangu had an opportunity to give the guests a tour around campus. The places that were visited were the grave yard where the first missionaries were buried, the spot where the first mission house was built in 1894 by W. H. Anderson as well as the site where the first campsite was held.

Also visiting Solusi University was the administration from the Southern Pacific Division (SPD) which is located in Australia. Present from the SPD was President, Glenn C. Townend, Secretary, Lionel H. Smith and the Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Rodney G. Brady. The high powered delegation was accompanied by leadership from Southern Indian Ocean Division and the Zimbabwe West Union Conference.

The team from SPD was excited to visit Solusi because they wanted to see the place whose establishment was influenced by Ellen G. White at a time when she was in Australia.

“We are so excited to be in Zimbabwe, especially at Solusi University. We have heard about Solusi and how Ellen G. White was influential in convincing the missionaries to get this land to establish a mission station,” said President Townsend.

President Townsend went on to narrate that Ellen G. White was in Australia at the time she gave the counsel to the General Conference to allow the missionaries to take the land.

“Ellen White was in Australia at the time she spoke to the General Conference President about the land and that is where we come from. This gives us a special relationship with Solusi,” went on Townsend.

The same month of May saw the new administration take office with Professor Gwebu leading the ship, Mr. Homebound Mashoko (Acting DFA), and Mrs. Tembekile Musvosvi (Registrar).

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