PhD Soil Science (Soil Chemistry & Fertility) University of Reading, UK

MPhil Conflict Management (Specialising on Environmental and Natural Resources conflicts), University of Port Elizabeth (NMMU), RSA

BSc. Agriculture (Special project in Soil Science conducted in I.I.T.A. Nigeria), University of Sierra Leone


• Completed the Online course on Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework (CDRMF) by EMI and World Bank Institute      

• Completed a Certificate in the Applications of Remote Sensing for Land Resources Surveys and Rural Development conducted by I.T.C. in the Netherlands.

• Completed course in Landuse Planning for Community Forestry and Natural Resource Management and Development by USDA at the University of IDAHO, USA.

• Completed the  GTZ “Objectively Verifiable Project Planning” Courses (ZOPP) I&II andProject Monitoring and Evaluation.

• Completed a course in Agroforestry Research for Development by the International Council for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF NAIROBI, KENYA).

• Completed an In-service course on Soil and Water Conversation and Agricultural Extension by CONEX Dept, Ministry of Agriculture, Zimbabwe.


1. Sustainable Land management (SLM) and Environment and Natural Resources Management  Adviser to the Min of Environment and Climate Change , Min of Energy , Min of Mining, Min of Agriculture and Food Security and Min of Irrigation and Water Development. 

2. Freelance Consultant and director of AGR-ENV Land Services(a consultancy company registered in Botswana)

3. Chief Technical Adviser (UNDP/UNOPS) for the GAM/01/002 – Establishing the Gambia’s National Environment Youth Corps (NEYC) and Coordinator of Environmental programmes

4. Chief Technical Adviser (UNDP/UNOPS) for the LES/94/008 – Lesotho National Environment Youth Corps Project

5. Chief Technical Adviser (UNDP/UNOPS) for the LIR/99/002 – Strengthening                                       the National Environment Commission for Liberia (NECOLIB).

6. Fulltime consultant and Co-director of AGRILAND Consultancy Services.

7. FAO Technical Adviser on Landuse Planning to AGRITEX Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Zimbabwe.


• Appointed course-writer and moderator for the Agriculture courses of the Zimbabwe Distance Education College. Developed the Agriculture syllabus for use in the College certificate and GCE “O’Level in Agriculture.

• Nominated into the Project Advisory Committee of the Rural Afforestation Division by the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe.

• Appointed Ad-hoc advisor to the Association of Zimbabwe Spirit Mediums on their Indigenous Tree planting project in Masvingo Province.

• Coordinated and directed the production of the Liberian BSAP document   

• Produced the GEF, PDF A documents for the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration on the cleaning up of the Freetown Port.


1. Lecturer at the Department of Soil Science and Agriculture Engineering, University of Zimbabwe

2. Landuse Planning/Agroforestry Specialist for the CARD (Coordinated Agricultural and Rural Development) programme in Gutu, Masvingo  Zimbabwe

3. Post-Doctoral Fellow with ICRAF as an environmentalist and Soil Scientist for the Data Appraisal Team for Africa of the AFRENA Project of the ICRAF’s Collaborative and Special Projects

4. Lecturer in the Dept of Land Management, University of Zimbabwe

5. Conservation/Extension Officer, CONEX Dept, Min of Agriculture, Zimbabwe


1. Landscape Based Management Planning Assessment for the  Strengthening the National Protected Area System of Swaziland (SNPAS) Project .UNDP/GEF

2. Elaboration for Liberia’s National Action Plan for Sustainable Land Management for UNDP funded by the UN GEF.

3. Mainstreaming Biodiversity issues into the Operations of the Tawana Land Board, Ngamiland District, Botswana. UNDP/GEF-University of Botswana, HOORC, Maun 

4. Mainstreaming drylands development issues into project planning and implementation UNDP Drylands Development Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

5. Workshop Moderator and Proceedings editor of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Natural Resources Management in Southern Africa. IUCN/ROSA.

6. Trainer on” Methods and Procedures for Land Use Planning”,  DSE, Germany. (Participants from 15 English speaking countries of Asia and Africa)

7. Trainer on “Community-Based Land Use Planning” DSE, Zimbabwe. (Participants from 11English speaking countries in Africa). 

8. Conducted a training course on the Gender Analytical Framework for Development workers and Local Govt officers in Matebeleland South & Masvingo,  SNV.

9. Conducted an Appraisal of the Holistic Resources Management projects in Zimbabwe, NOVIB.

10. Team leader for the Evaluation of Community Based Management (CBM) system of water projects in Chivi District, UNICEF .

11. Conducted a Training course on Rapid Rural Appraisal for Agroforestry for Kenya, Tanzania,                    Zimbabwe, Malawi. Commonwealth Science Council.

12. Training of Trainers on Community Forestry and Agroforestry (from 11 countries).  FINNIDA.    

13. Technical Assistance on planning and project write-up for livestock, irrigation, income                   generating projects, African Development Foundation (ADF).

14. Provided Landuse Planning Services and Agroforestry implantation monitoring.  GTZ

15. Produced Landuse Plans and EIA of 10 villages in Kanyati, Zambezi  Valley. EU/ARDA.               Conducted Research into Indigenous Woodland Management in 6 Provinces of Zimbabwe,                      DANIDA/Forestry Commission.

16. Developed a Curriculum on Community Forestry &Agroforestry for the Zimbabwe College of Forestry. DANIDA/Forestry Commission.

17. Research into Indigenous Agroforestry Systems in Semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe. IUCN -ROSA        


14 Publications in referred journals

6 Published Conference Papers

19 Contributions to Books or Booklets


Policy Work

1. Directed the Development of the National Policy on the Environment of Lesotho 1997

2. Chaired the Drafting Committee for the National Policy on Science and Technology for Lesotho.

3. Drafted the first National Policy on Disaster Risk Management for Lesotho

4. Directed the Development of the National Policy on the Environment for Liberia  2001

5. Reviewed and Revised the National Policy on the Environment for the Gambia 2003

6. Reviewed and Revised the National Policy on the Environment for Malawi  2013

7. Revised the National Forestry Policy for Malawi 2014, incorporating issues like climate Change, Access and Benefit Sharing etc

8. Revised the National Fisheries policy for Malawi, 2013.

9. Revised the National Water Resources Policy for Malawi 2012

10. Co drafted the National Climate Change Policy for Malawi 2012

11. Co-drafted the National Disaster Risk Policy  2012

12. Co-chaired the drafting of the first National Agriculture Policy for Malawi 2015

13. Revised the National Energy Policy for Malawi 2015

14. Reviewed and Revised the National Land Policy for Malawi 2013

15. Initiated the drafting of the first Sustainable Charcoal production and utilization for Malawi.

16. Initiated the drafting of a Bushfire Management Policy for Malawi

17. Drafted the following Policy Briefs for Parliament in Malawi:

-Policy brief on Sustainable charcoal and use

-Policy brief on Bushfires and their management

-Policy brief on Drivers of Land Degradation

-Policy brief on Payment for Ecosystem Services

-Policy brief on Land use Planning

Legal Work

1. Directed the drafting of the Environmental Act 1998 of Lesotho

2. Led the development of the Liberian Environment Management Act (EMA)2008.

3. Led the development of the Liberian Environment Law 2008

4. Revised the Main Land Act 2013, Customary Land Act 2013 for Malawi

5. Reviewed and revised the National Forestry Act for Malawi

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