Dean- Prof. Keratiloe Gwebu, DNP

Professor Keratiloe Gwebu, DNP (The DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) degree is a practice doctorate – meaning it focuses on the practice of nursing at the highest level of the nursing license as it applies to patient outcomes.  Whereas, a PhD ( Doctor of Philosophy) is a research doctorate, focused on the science of nursing. Graduates of PhD programs are prepared to conduct independent research, while DNP graduates use research in their practice to influence better patient outcomes


1. Keynote Speaker at the 19th Global Nursing Education Conference in Las Vegas USA, 2017

2. Session Chair International Nursing Education/Nursing Education Types/ Nurse Practitioners Perspectives/Public Health Nursing April 2017: 19th Global Nursing Education Conference in Las Vegas USA

3. Accepted Invitation to Present on Waist Circumference as a Measure of Insulin Resistance/Pre-diabetes in Kwazulu Natal South Africa at the 6th World Nursing and Healthcare Conference in London UK on July 22-24, 2019

4. Scholars International Conference on Advanced Nursing Care and Research” (Nursing Care 2019) which is scheduled during November 20-21, 2019 at Tokyo, Japan.

As Plenary Session Speaker

5. Speaker/Delegate at the upcoming “18th World Congress on Clinical Nursing & Practice” that will be held during September 09-10, 2019 at Baltimore, USA.


Institutional/Location DEGREE FIELD OF STUDY
American Sentinel University/USA Doctor of Nursing Practice Educational Leadership
University of Alabama, Huntsville/USA MSN Nursing
University of Alabama, Huntsville/USA BSN Nursing
Mpilo General Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Midwifery Certificate Midwifery
Mpilo General Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe RN Certificate Registered Nurse


Dean, School of Health Sciences, Rusangu University, Monze, Zambia
Adjunct Lecturer College of the Albermarle Elizabeth City NC USA
Assistant Professor Nursing Tidewater Community College Nursing Department USA
Assistant Professor Nursing Oakwood University Nursing Department USA
Clinical Instructor, Oakwood University Nursing Department USA
Traveling RN California USA
Hospice Nurse Huntsville Al USA
Sexual Nurse Assault Examiner Crisis Center Huntsville Al. USA
Oncology and Cardiac Stepdown Nurse Huntsville Al USA
Oncology Nurse Humana Hospital Huntsville Al USA
Pediatric Nurse, Meharry Medical College Hubbard Hospital Nashville. TN USA
Clinical Nursing Instructor, Parirenyatwa Hospital, Harare, Zimbabwe
Registered Nurse Mpilo Hospital BYO Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)


1. Keratiloe Gwebu, Malcolm Cort, Ephraim Gwebu. (2017). Waist Circumference as a predictor of Insulin Resistance/Pre-diabetes in KwaZulu-Natal: Implications for Forestalling Type 2 Diabetes. International Journal of Research 4 (10): 292-298.

2. Keratiloe Gwebu, Malcolm Cort, Nonceba Vellem, Nomathemba Nonkelela, Jafta Ntsaba, Ephraim Gwebu. (2017). Correlation between body mass index and waist circumference associated with insulin resistance in Eastern Cape of South Africa: Implications for Anti-diabetes campaigns. International Journal of Current Research 9 (09): 57380 – 57384.

3. Gwebu ET, Harrell C, Cort M, Gwebu K, Scott D, Owens S, Vellem N. (2017). Determining the waist circumference that predicts pre-diabetes (insulin resistance) in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. International Journal of Research 4 (10): 553-562.

4. Malcolm Cort, Jordan Matthews, Joshua Nwosu, Keratiloe Gwebu, Nomathemba     Nonkelela, Jafta Ntsaba, Nonceba Vellem and Ephraim Gwebu (2017). Developing the Diabetes Risk Score for Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.  International Journal of Research Volume 04  (13): 1984 – 1990)

5. Malcolm A. Cort, Eugene S. Tull, Keratiloe Gwebu, Priscilla Dlamini, Erica Pinkney, Eundene Gramby, Shanitria Cuthbertson, Ashley Daniels, Shay Luu, Ephraim T. Gwebu. 2009. Education and internalized racism in socio-political context: Zimbabwe and Swaziland. The Social Science Journal 46: 644–655

6. Eugene S. Tull, Malcolm Cort Ephraim T. Gwebu, Keratiloe Gwebu (2007). Internalized Racism is Associated with Abdominal Adiposity and Abnormal Fasting in a Sample of Adult Women but not in Men in Zimbabwe. Journal of Ethnicity and Disease 17: 731-735

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