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Solusi History

Solusi University, located 50 kilometres west of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is a co-educational institution, which was founded in 1894 as one of the first of the hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist mission stations. It was named after Chief Soluswe, near whose home the Mission was founded.


To attain Excellence in all aspects of University life


Solusi University exists to provide quality wholistic and transformational education based on the Seventh-day Adventist church philosophy of Education in order to equip students for useful service to God and the community, and to enjoy productive lives.


1894 as one of the first of hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist mission stations around the world.


1,471 undergraduates (42% men, 58% women) 150 graduate students (41% men, 59% women)


Private, coeducational, undergraduate and postgraduate institution affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist church


Government and Denominationally Accredited (ZimCHE, AAA), our programmes are Internationally recognized.


Arts, Business Administration, Science & Technology, Theology & Religious Studies, and Education


The Ralph Watts Library holds 40,328 print volumes, 59,816 JSTOR journals, 9,230,303 SPRINGER  online resources and more.

Why study at Solusi?

Our courses open doors to rewarding and challenging careers in health, science, arts, theology and business. You’ll benefit from our international environment where students gain cultural perspectives and develop international networks

Student Contact Hours

Solusi's transformational education system and leadership training includes mandatory class attendance, prescribed level of teacher student contact and participation in group learning environment.

Development of self discipline

Self discipline across all critical spheres of life including dress, is a hallmark of Solusi University's transformational and redemptive education system.

Superb location

Our out of town location provides an excellent learning environment on a campus free from corruption, drug abuse and sexual harassment.

Interesting Facts About Solusi


Since 1894, Solusi has affected many lives through its Spiritual, Social and Academic activities. The University was named after Chief Soluswe, the leader whose lands Solusi is located on. Solusi belongs to the world’s second largest Christian school system and was the first Adventist mission station in Africa.

Solusi got its charter as a university on its 100th year of existence. We currently offer 27 accredited undergraduate programmes and 7 postgraduate degrees. We are the first university to offer block release programmes in Zimbabwe, and our Accounting degree has ACCA exemptions.

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