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What you need to apply?

1. Personal Information: Name, date of birth, permanent and mailing address, email address, phone number, residency and citizenship information, parent/sponsor information.

2. Educational Information: Previous education: O’ & A’ level, High school/College or University you attended, including dates attended,  Diploma or other certificates you have attained.

3. Desired degree programme (First Year Students Only): As part of the application process, you will need to specify the degree you intend to pursue, list three options according to your preference order.

4. Transcripts: If you have received professional courses,  college or university  level credit, an official transcript from the institution must be sent to the Admissions Office. Transcripts must be sent directly to Solusi University Admissions Office in an original sealed envelope or  sent directly to us electronically in order to be considered official.

5. English Language Proficiency: All programmes are taught and assessed in the medium of English (with the exception of some language-specific teaching). Therefore, all applicants must possess at least a minimum standard of English language proficiency.

6. Payment: The online application fee can be paid via EcoCash, Telecash, VISA Card, Vpayments, or MasterCard. Application fees are non-refundable.

Admission Process

Collection of Personal Information

Fill in personal information on the Online Application platform

Payment of Application Fee

Pay the Application fee online

Complete Application Form

After payment of application fee, you can fill in the Application form to choose the programme of study


Wait for a provisional Acceptance letter


Oral interview

First Year Student Application

Five relevant non-overlapping “O” Level subjects, including English Language and 2 relevant “A” level subjects. Applicants without “A” level can be admitted on the basis of relevant professional qualifications

Transfer Application

Applicant must be in good social, academic, and financial standing at all previous institutions. Transcripts to be sent by the Registrar of previous institutions directly to the Registrar of Solusi University.

International Student Application

Students from countries where A-level courses are not available are expected to fulfil those countries’ university entrance requirements and Solusi Pre-University requirements should be met before admission.

Mature Entry

A minimum of 5 relevant non-overlapping “O” Level subjects, including English Language, be not less than 25 years of age and an acceptable score on the Solusi University Mature Age Entry Examination are also required.

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