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Faculty of Agriculture & Extension


Prof. Bartholomew Mupeta 

PhD (Animal Science), MSc, BSc

Nobel Peace Prize – Contribution Certificate on Climate Change

Chair (Agriculture) – Prof. Bartholomew Mupeta, PhD

Chair (Science & Technology) –  Clyde, E. Makamure, MSc


  1. (Food & Nutrition) – Dr. Namo Gwisai, PhD
  2. (Clothing Technology & Family Studies) – Mercy Rugedhla, MSc
  3. (Agribusiness) – Dumisa Dlamini MSc (Acting)


  1. Department of Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship & Management
  1. Department of Science and Technology
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Clothing Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Nutrition Science


The Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Technology believes that agriculture, science,  and technology are the engines which fuel life and development. As such, the Faculty endeavours to make science work for the benefit of humanity and the environment. Our scientific and problem-focused research and development activities will continue to ensure relevance of our research and graduates to the dynamic industries and economic development of the time.


The Faculty strives for excellence in teaching, research, innovation, value-added production and community service. It is committed to imparting professional scientific skills and produce highly competent, innovative and practical oriented graduate with Christian values and ethics in all facets of agriculture, science, and technology.

Programmes offered

Animal Science & Technology

* BSc (Hons) Animal Science Technology
* BSc (Hons) Wildlife Resources Management

Crop Science & Horticulture

* BSc (Hons) Crop Science & Technology
* BSc (Hons) Horticulture & Technology
* BSc (Hons) Crop Post Harvest and Technology

Extension & Agribusiness

* BSc (Hons) Agribusiness
* BSc (Hons) Agricultural Extension & Rural Development

Center for Sustainable Development & Poverty Alleviation

* Certificate - Sustainable Development & Poverty Alleviation (1 year)
* Diploma - Sustainable Development & Poverty Alleviation (2 years)

Admission Requirements

  1. 2 A’ Level passes in any natural science subjects (or approved equivalent as determined by Solusi University, and
  2. 5 O’ Level passes, including English, Mathematics, and a Science subject
  3. International students may be admitted upon fulfillment of their countries’ university entrance requirements, and Solusi University PreUniversity requirements (For countries where A’ Level Courses are not available).
  4. A limited number of individuals may be accepted based on Mature Age examination, and/or professional qualification and related work experience.

Duration of Programmes

A period of four years is the minimum requirement for all undergraduate Honours degree programmes offered in the Faculty of Agriculture & Technology. In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree, students are expected to successfully complete a total of between 106 to 120 credits.

Career development

In order to expose students to the world of work and to assist them in development of careers, all students are expected to register for industrial attachment for a period of not less than 10 months. Other career development events are organized by the University from time to time including a job placement fair for graduating students.

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