Campus Life

Your home away from home, Solusi University offers students, faculty and staff a natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and a wide variety of services, to cater for the social, spiritual, and physical needs.

Social Life

There are a lot of opportunities for your social life at Solusi University, from joining different clubs or groups to getting involved in sports or just hanging out with new people. University life is not all about academics.

Cultural Night

Student Life at its best

Student Services

Food Services

A cafeteria on campus offers catering and meals, for a healthy and nutritious Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper


Guidance & Counselling

There is a full time Counselor at Solusi University, where students are free to visit at any time, for counselling, prayer, or just to talk.


Bus Service

Transport service is available daily to ferry students to town and back in case one has some business to attend to in the City center.



A health services center is also available in the form of a Clinic for quick diagnosis and attention in case of illness.


Campus Store

A campus store is available supplying basic commodities that may be needed. Reducing the number of town trips to get groceries in the city.


ICT Center

An ICT center is available for access to Internet resources and materials for those without personal computers.



For most of students, being at University will be your first time living independently and we strive to offer you a welcoming environment so that your new room instantly feels like home.


We have a variety of options for student accommodation. These options include 2 bedroomed houses for married students and furnished hostels for single students.

Our Accommodation Guarantee

Accommodation worries? There is absolutely no need for that, as we have enough accommodation for all students. That's our guarantee!

IT & Media Services

From registration and accessing your email, to online learning, as well as media services such as photography and video prouction, the ICT department and the Media Center are always at your service. For IT support contact and for all your Media needs, contact

University email

Your University email account can be accessed via GMail. Your student email address is your e.g.

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Registration System

The University has an online registration system that enables you to access your grades, and registered Courses; so you can check on your current standing at any time.

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Solusi E-Learning facility provides an online learning environment that acts as a virtual resource center for all your courses and learning material.

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Sound & Video Production

Audio recording & Video shooting available on request for all social and other events at our Media centre


Visit the Media Centre for all your photography needs, special photo shoots as well photo production. Contact

Wi-Fi & Networks

We have a reliable internet fibre connection to the campus that guarantees that your research, assignments and other network needs will be catered for.

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