Faculty of Health Professions


 Prof. Keratiloe Gwebu, DNP 

Brief Overview:

The faculty of Health Profession is a new but dynamic Faculty at Solusi University. The following Departments constitute the Faculty: Environmental Health, Nursing, and Nutrition and Dietetics.

The School of Health Professions is driven by academic excellence while educating tomorrow’s leaders to be service-minded professionals focused on the health and well being of society. The values of integrity, honesty, Christ like, trustworthy, respect, justice are threaded throughout curricula and seamlessly sawn together by Biblical principles. Each Department is intentional in producing well principled, mannered, skilled, and love what they do practitioners who will offer service to others ungrudgingly.

This new young Faculty focuses on working with students to achieve their goals for success in health related careers, graduate school and job placement.

Besides the core content that is fundamental for students in our majors, in these programs students will develop important skills highly valued in today’s job market such as to list a few:

  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Technical skills
  • Collaboration, teamwork, research, and leadership
  • Commitment to serve, advocacy and multicultural sensitivity
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Compassion and patience

7 Attention to detail


The mission of the Faculty of Health Professions is in line with the University’s mission and the tenets of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The mission of the faculty is to prepare health professionals whose values are Christ-centered, and are competent in health-care delivery, research, and teaching of health principles.

Department of Environmental Health, Nutrition and Dietetics

*Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health (General) Degree

*Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (Hons) Degree

Department of Nursing

*Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Hons) Degree


  • Meet general University admission requirements
  • Any 2 “A” Level science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)
  • Holders of National Diplomas related to the specific disciplines (for Nursing – Diploma in Nursing; for Dietetics – Diploma in Dietetics/Nutrition: for Environmental Health – Diploma in Environmental Health) from accredited institutions

Duration of Programmes

A period of four years is the minimum requirement for all undergraduate degree programmes offered in the Faculty of HEALTH PROFESSIONS. The minimum duration for the Master of Science programmes is two (2) years. In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree, students are expected to successfully complete a total of between 106 to 120 credits for Bachelors, and 60 credits for Masters.


A graduate from BSc in Environmental Health may be employed in various departments such as:

  • Air Pollution Analyst.
  • Disaster Management Specialist.
  • Environmental Health Professional.
  • Environmental Inspector.
  • Environmental Sanitation Engineer.
  • Environmental Toxicologist.
  • Groundwater Protection Specialist
  • Community education officer.
  • Food technologist.
  • Health promotion specialist.
  • International aid/development worker.
  • Medical sales representative.
  • Nutritional therapist.
  • A graduate from BSc in Nurse may be employed in various departments such as:
  • Registered Nurse
  • Tutor
  • Clinical Instructor
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