Solusi Orb (Newsletter)

The Solusi Orb is the official newsletter for Solusi University. It is a regular news and information sharing tool for the benefit of all our stakeholders. It is a quarterly publication presently available online and print format on later editions.   For those willing to have your articles published, fell free to contact us through the contact details provided below. For articles to be published they must meet the following criteria and or guidelines:

Guidelines for article for submission


1. Articles must be original work of the author
2. Article should have a title, name of the author as well as contact information (especially email address)
3. Information and data used my be appropriately referenced


1. If images/graphics are part of the article, they must be submitted as an uncompressed high resolution attachment in TIF, BMP, PNG, or JPEG format only with a minimum resolution of 300dpi to allow for necessary adjustments without loss of quality.
2. Images are to be the author's original work, if not, necessary acknowledgment of the copyright owner is a must (written permission for use might be necessary.) Images that fall under the following may also be considered: freely licensed, public domain, and fair use.

Types of Articles

Articles may be (but not limited to):
1. Short features
2. How-to's
3. Practical advice
4. Short case studies
5. Stories
6. Opinion pieces
7. Poetry and
8. News articles

Format for Submission

1. Articles must be in MS Word .docx, .doc, .txt, .rtf formats only. Any other format shall not be considered.
2. Articles must be sent in soft copy format using Times New Roman font, size 12, and single spaced.
3. For Adverts; the potential advertiser should seek audience with the Editor first, for terms and conditions for such to be published in the newsletter before the said advert can be published.

Editorial Responsibility

Once an article is submitted, the author gives full permission for the use of the submitted article. Where the articlehas been used elsewhere, the submitting author should obtain the written permission of the original author for the reuse of the article in the Solusi Orb


Articles are to be submitted through the following emails:
and or
Include 'Solusi Orb Newsletter submission' in the Subject line.


Submission of an article does not guarantee publication. The Editorial team reserves the right to publish submitted articles upon review. Articles will be published based on time of submission, content and originality.
Articles may be copy-edited for quality and style as well as spelling and grammar - the edited work will be sent to the author for approval before publication.
Articles must be submitted by the last Friday of the second week of February (for April publications), June (for August publication), October (for December publication), and November (for January publication).
Authors of articles selected for publication will be communicated with prior to the publication of the articles.

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